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Money is always not enough? That's what prevents you from getting rich

Money has a strange property, which you probably also noticed — no matter how much you earn, it is always not enough.

Even if you have a good salary, but you are constantly "at zero" and with empty pockets, then it's time for this y...

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Whether the dollar will devalue. We understand and analyze

Greetings to all, dear friends!

In 1944, the Bretton woods conference was held, at which the dollar was recognized as...

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"Money must work." How to start investing with minimal risks

"Money must work" - everyone knows this saying. Imagine how great it would be if money "came" to us even at night, when we are asleep.

But, in fact, this is quite real, if you correctly put them "in the box". height».

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Comic " Rules of responsible credit"

In the comic "Rules of responsible credit" experts Of the project of the Ministry of Finance of Russia "be Friends with Finance" warn about the main rules that should be followed bef...

blog img 21.09.2020

I write an article with one hand and draw with my daughter with the other. Home is not boring!

I think my moms will understand. Isolation with a small child is still fun)


Well, the quarantine has reached us. Schools and ...

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