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I write an article with one hand and draw with my daughter with the other. Home is not boring!

I write an article with one hand and draw with my daughter with the other. Home is not boring!

I think my moms will understand. Isolation with a small child is still fun)


Well, the quarantine has reached us. Schools and kindergartens are closed. Child at home... Now here's another one they declared a non-working week and recommended that you stay at home as much as possible. We, as responsible and caring people, obey and obey. After all, our future and further development of the situation are only in our hands.

It remains a small matter - to figure out how to entertain children and learn to allocate time also on my own business.

It's harder for us than for some people. I was not released from work - I work remotely, my daughter has long refused to sleep during the day, and no one canceled household chores. And it won't cancel it)


But you can find a way out of any situation. I I found it, and I'm sharing it with you.

What and how do I do during isolation:

  • I do my homework and listen to audiobooks

Fortunately, my daughter treats me with respect and does not distract me when I cook food, wash dishes, dust, etc.the Child at this time is engaged in their own Affairs: playing, drawing, fooling around. And I kill just two birds with one stone: I do the necessary things and get new knowledge.

  • I play with my daughter and monitor the stock market

The market is currently unstable. The share price may change by a day or by 10 %. I follow, observe, and look for a good moment to buy. It's a very exciting activity, I tell you I will say.

  • I work and turn on cartoons for my daughter

And let many people say that it is wrong, that it is bad, that it is AI-Yai-Yai. I know. But this is the only activity that engages the daughter completely and completely. Work is not waiting, it must be done even during the quarantine. And to get the job done, I need maximum concentration.

  • I'm taking a break from work and household chores... coloring a coloring book

Coloring pages are just a sponsor of our home mode. My daughter showed an unexpected interest in them, although she had previously avoided them. We bought different products coloring books and now spend every evening watching them. And this is what the child likes, and ... me.


How else do we have fun at home:

  • We play games (active, tabletop, themed, etc.).
  • Cut out the paper ones dolls'.
  • We watch cartoons or fairy tales.
  • We prepare delicious dishes.
  • Read books.
  • We learn poems and songs.
  • We sculpt from plasticine.
  • We collect puzzles.
  • We sing and dance.
  • We joke and fool around.
  • We fantasize and dream.

And how do you have fun at home? Share in the comments!

Let's not let each other get sad and panic! All have a good weekend)

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